Time2Work is a simple and intuitive cloud-based solution designed to streamline your employee scheduling.


Time2Work streamlines processes, improves accuracy and enhances productivity, all the while driving better business results.

Quickly locate skilled staff for the job

Time2Work’s intelligent skills based scheduling functionality will automatically locate the right staff for the shift based on up-to-date employee availability.

Your entire business streamed live

Customise your Dashboard to suit your requirements. Administer changes and monitor workforce patterns on-the-go.

Optimise staff scheduling

Overtime / go home early functionality allows you to minimise costs and offer greater flexibility to staff.

Gain 24/7 access

Utilise the business and employee native apps taking advantage of the flexibility to log in using any device, anywhere.

Time and attendance

Monitor employee attendance, record staff clock-on and clock-off times and quickly approve overtime or absences.

Effortless payroll integration

Control overtime, manage compliance and monitor employee shift patterns, then quickly pass to your payroll solution.



Real time visibility of your business.

The Time2Work Dashboard is intuitive, easy-to-use and accessible from any device. Key operational and performance metrics are delivered directly into the hands of decision makers in real time.


Effortlessly schedule the right resource, every time.

The Time2Work Schedule simplifies employee scheduling and helps organisations improve efficiency, increase accuracy and meet their labour requirements. Time2Work supports the daily issues of productivity, staffing and labour costs through automatic generation of optimised schedules.

Employee App

For your mobile workforce.

Time2Work Employee App is a self-service offering that keeps pace with your employee’s increasingly mobile lifestyle. Employees have easy access to Time2Work from their iOS or Android device, ensuring they can stay informed of real time changes affecting their work schedule while on-the-go.



Complex forecasting, simplified.

Time2Work Forecasting is a tool to help businesses understand future demand on resources and suitably plan to have the right number of skilled staff on hand to meet demand and exceed customer expectations.

Dashboard App

Operations management – mobile.

The Time2Work Management App combines operational ease with critical business intelligence, giving your leaders the ability to fine-tune your business in real time.



Transform business analytics into actionable strategies.

Time2Work Reporting provides real time reporting on demand, so you can make everyday decisions to help improve and manage your business.

About us

Time2Work is a pioneering software company led by industry professionals. We specialise in solving complex staff scheduling problems with simple and intuitive cloud-based solutions.

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